Steven Colucci

Steven Colucci

"Sensei Steven was once a very large block of stone that He chiseled down with his own two hands into a Lean Mean Teaching/Fighting Machine." - Ray P.

With his trademark sense of humor, Steven Colucci jokes that he doesn’t care if you misspell his name, as long as he can still cash the checks. He favors himself as an old school gentleman, holding doors open for other people, and helping others load plywood into their truck in the hardware store parking lot. “I like to leave a smile on everyone I meet.”

Steven has a BS in Marketing and an MBA. “I try to keep technology tamed so my clients can make informed decisions and focus on what is important, finding their next home.”
Steven has a long history of service to others. In his professional career he has worked in the US Army, entertainment, radio, education, and medical fields. Additionally, Steven and his wife, Dr. Alison Fry are currently partners in a Martial Arts studio in Colorado Springs, Z-Ultimate Self Defense and is a Black Belt in Shaolin Kenpo.

Steven’s dad was also an entrepreneur, leaving his lifetime home in New York and taking Steven, his mother and his two brothers to Arizona to open a family printing business. He risked everything and was a grand success.

For 15 years, Steven has been married to the love of his life, Alison Fry, a local medical doctor with Peak Med and has 3 terrific children; an accomplished adult daughter Danielle and two terrific young boys, also martial artists, Nico and Ryan. Together the family loves to travel, hike, do martial arts and eat dinner together as a family as often as possible.

When asked to boast about his achievements he describes the true measure of his success by what he gives back. "I get a kick out of helping clients accomplish things they didn't know they could. Seeing the expression on a student’s face when they learn a new martial arts technique, a client who is completely satisfied or my family reaping the rewards of my success is genuinely fulfilling. "Martial arts has given me the discipline and courage needed to be the very best I can be. While real estate has helped me to do more of the things that I enjoy.’ ‘I've always lived life on the playing field rather than in the bleachers.’"